IEP Meeting Guide & Additional Considerations

This tool may be used by teachers and administrators. It can serve as a prompt for the steps needed to help ensure that the IEP is aligned to the student’s postsecondary transitional plan.

Open-Ended Probes & Questions

A list of conversation starters designed to engage students in conversation - Building Bridges with Open Ended Questions.

Postsecondary Transition Talking Points

This guide can assist conversations about transition planning by using a variety of grade-appropriate questions. Transition Postsecondary Options Talking Points

Self-Advocacy Tools

The form, Where do I go from here? is aligned with the student’s postsecondary expectations but helps break the process down into different actions to help them see what responsibilities they may need to take to make it happen.

Self-Advocacy One-Pager

I’m Determined is a great website for Self-Determination.  They have developed this one-pager sheet to help get student input.

R2L Support for Secondary Transition Considerations

R2L Support for Secondary Transition Considerations was developed as part of the Return 2 Learn after COVID shutdown. Even though schools are not going virtual or hybrid learning this school year, this document still has great links to resources that can be used for transition planning.