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The Early Childhood Consultants at Prairie Lakes AEA support district preschool programs in a variety of ways to help their youngest learners flourish socially, emotionally, and academically.  We provide continued development training for teachers, aides, and associates to help identify opportunities for innovation. Our coaching supports early childhood programs to create engaging, hands on, and developmentally appropriate environments in preschool programs.  We are passionate about meeting the needs of our district preschools, so that they can provide a strong foundation for life-long learning and well-being in our preschool programs.

4-5 Year Olds Emergent Literacy Resources for Preschool Programs

This document provides Alignment with Teaching Strategies GOLD and Evidence-based Literacy Practices for Preschool Students.

Early Math Resources for Preschool Programs

This document provides Alignment with Teaching Strategies GOLD and Evidence-based Practices for Preschool Students – Math Scope and Sequence for 4 and 5 Year Olds.

Early Childhood News

The PLAEA Early Childhood team compiles a monthly newsletter, Early Childhood News, for preschool programs regarding updates and trainings.  

PLAEA Early Childhood Recordings

TS GOLD Booster Session I & II: These two recordings were created to support preschool programs in moving teachers from using Teaching Strategies GOLD as a “compliance” measure to the “science” of using sound data.

Peer Mediated Strategies: Learning module that teaches preschool programs how to intentionally teach social skills using specific strategies and visuals.  

First 6 Weeks: During this learning module, we review how to implement the Creative Curriculum First 6 Weeks of Preschool: Building A Classroom Community.  As well as 6 tips to having a successful first 6 weeks in a preschool classroom. 

 Preschool Data Team Meetings Learning Module: Establishing a strong data culture within early childhood education programs is critical to ensuring that data-informed decisions are made consistently, routinely, and effectively. One way to accomplish this is to establish a data team to serve as leaders in building a strong vision for the most effective use of data in your preschool program.  During these learning modules, preschool teams will discover how to effectively use the data tools required of Iowa preschool programs to make instructional decisions for all students. 

Fall Preschool Data Team Meeting 

Winter Preschool Data Team Meeting

Spring Preschool Data Team Meeting

Teaching Strategies Family Portal Information: The recording and tools focus on using the Teaching Strategies family communication channels to provide a “one stop shop” when it comes to parent communication and involvement in your preschool programs.  We found this tool to be very useful, and not widely used by many of our programs.https://drive.google.com/drive/u/0/folders/1vqgNqlX_tyPH8QF-Uz1dqJvEWy7FH9uX-


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