Math services provide professional learning and coaching of instructional approaches in Iowa Core mathematics, conceptual understanding, problem-based learning, and differentiated instruction for K-12 students.

Numeracy Project 2.0 Materials Kits

If you are trained in Numeracy Project 2.0, Prairie Lakes AEA Creative Services Material Kits available for Stages 1-9.  Here is what is available.
Not trained in Numeracy Project 2.0? Contact a Prairie Lakes AEA Math Consultant for more information.

These Targeted Intervention Protocols were developed by the Prairie Lakes AEA Math Team in 2019 to guide Tier 1 and Tier 2 intervention work within the grade level CORE. The table is organized by grade and screening window. The activities attached are for instruction that should be happening with the whole grade at that time of year. If you have any questions about these protocols or need help finding resources for those who are behind grade level, please reach out to the PLAEA math team.

Grade Level Fall          Midyear       Spring       
Kindergarten Fall          Midyear       Spring       
First Grade Fall  Midyear Spring
Second Grade Fall  Midyear Spring
Third Grade Fall  Midyear Spring
Fourth Grade Fall Midyear Spring
Fifth Grade Fall  Midyear Spring
Sixth Grade Fall Midyear Spring