Lakes Partnership School

LPS LogoLakes Partnership School (LPS) is a day treatment school for students who are currently experiencing emotional and behavioral challenges that prevent them from making progress in the public school setting. The school is a partnership between Prairie Lakes AEA, Spencer Community Schools and other northwest Iowa school districts. This is the first school of its kind in Prairie Lakes AEA and opened in September 2014. Spencer schools serves as the host as well as act as the fiscal agent. Districts who send a student to the school are billed for the services that are provided for each individual student.

While at LPS, students will receive services from a multidisciplinary team of behavior specialists, teachers, paraprofessionals, and administrators. The goal is for placement to be short term so students can return to a least restrictive environment quickly. Students who attend LPS work with the team to build the skills necessary to be successful in a public school setting.  This is accomplished through the application of researched based strategies and to develop a behavior plan that is individualized and effective for each student. LPS will work collaboratively with the student’s licensed mental health providers to ensure student needs are being met..

The school can serve approximately 18 students from kindergarten through 8th grade. The students will be placed in one of the three classrooms – one for K-2 students, one for 3-5 students, and one for students in grades 6-8.  Each classroom will have a certified Special Education teacher, a Behavior Interventionist, and two Paraprofessionals. The students will also be supported by a School Social Worker and Behavior Strategist, who will assist in developing and supporting the appropriate Behavior Intervention Plan for each individual student. The Prairie Lakes AEA Challenging Behavior Team works closely with the staff at LPS.

While at LPS, students receive academic instruction in the core areas from a certified Special Education teacher. This instruction is based on the Iowa Core Standards and individualized for each student based on his or her needs. Students receive this instruction in a way that is best for him or her. Students use technology to access the curriculum, as each student will have access to a Chromebook while attending LPS.

Transition back to the home school, which is the shared goal, starts at the initial intake meeting. The criteria for returning back to the home school is determined at this initial meeting and is individual to each student.  LPS Team and the Behavior Strategist from home school district will be key players in facilitating a student’s transition back to the home school. Like all services students receive, this will be individualized for each student in terms of what transition will look like.

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