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March 2022

Topics include: Accelerated Learning to Fill the Gaps, sensory paths from Creative Services, tips for special education teachers, instructional frameworks, early childhood news, paraeducator certification, CPI training dates, SEBH newsletter, YMHFA and suicide risk assessment trainings, keynote speakers for June 22 & 23 FOCUS conference.

February 2022

Topics include: Seeking FOCUS Conference presenters, Physics Competition, yearbooks, planners, LETRS training, SEBH newsletter, YMHFA and suicide risk assessment trainings, News-O-Matic winter contest winners, early childhood/preschool toolbox, Career Exploration Virtual Reality, mySAEBRS clarification on parental consent, bowling kit in Lending Library, Belin-Blank summer institutes.

January 2022
Topics include: Computer Science grants, incentive funds & endorsements, SEBH newsletter, STEM scholarship information, Early Childhood newsletter, Preschool learning opportunities survey.

December 2021
Topics include: Inclusive Classroom Conference, SEBH News, quick order from creative services, Fierce Conversations, Emerging Educators Academy, resources to celebrate Iowa’s 175th anniversary.

November 2021
Topics include: Inclusive Classroom Registration, Special Education Huddle for Principals and SPED Administrators, Winter reading from Media, computer science workshops, science learning opportunities, creative services catalog, school counselors opportunities, substitute authorization information.

October 2021
Topics include: Creative Services, Computer Science Workshops, Early Childhood Principal Huddles, Vitals in Transition, Inclusive Classroom Conference, Child & Youth Mental Health First Aid workshops.

September 2021
Items included: District Administration Dates *Learning Sessions for ISSL 2021  *Leadership Network Meeting  * uPAR
Professional Learning: *Mental health First Aid Youth & Child  * ECSE/Preschool  *Fierce Conversations  * Science  *Transition
Inclusive Classroom Virtual Conference;   News-O-Matic;
Other opportunities in Arts, Social Studies Fall Conference, USJCI Foundation Senate Scholarship, Deaf Awareness

Aug. 24, 2021
Items included:  Inclusive Classroom Virtual Conference, How to Become a Substitute Teacher, Lending Library Resources, Paraeducator Certification Courses, Cognitive Coaching Course, News-O-Matic

Aug. 17, 2021
Items included: Iowa Core Science/Next Generation Science, Becoming a Child Mental Health first Aider, News-O-Matic Added to Digital Offering, Cognitive Coaching, Crisis Intervention (CPI) Training Schedule, Applications for K-12 Computer Science Curriculum PD, Tech Innovation Services

Summer 2021
Items included: Free K-12 Minecraft Education Esports Teacher Academy

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