Contextual Learning Math Opportunity Coming to Iowa

We wanted to share an opportunity for your High School Students and Teachers that will be coming to Iowa this summer! Central Rivers AEA will be hosting Contextual Learning from Colorado to host a training session for teachers from June 17-20 in the Waterloo/ Cedar Falls Area (Exact Location TBD). Grant Wood AEA has hosted this training event in the past and has had great success with implementation and student achievement.

These four days of training would be for 1 math teacher and 1 CTE teacher per course. The fee includes 4 days of training AND all of the curriculum ever needed (it never expires and never has a yearly registration fee).  

The cost is $1895 per person. That fee includes the math curriculum, CTE curriculum, quizzes, tests, answer keys, training and licensing.

There are two courses available through Contextual Learning: 

AMPED on Algebra
Algebra 1 + Business/ Manufacturing course (CTE). 

Geometry in Construction
Geometry + Tech (CTE) teacher
What does this entail?
Here is a short clip from KCRG News from 2022 explaining the program.

AMPED on Algebra & Geometry in Construction

Summer Learning 2024

When is this training offered? June 17-20, 2024 from 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Participants must attend all four days 

Where is training?  Waterloo/Cedar Falls Area- Exact location is in the works! 
What is AMPED on Algebra?

Promo Video

AMPED Overview (Algebra & CTE)

AMPED on Algebra Unit Planner

Algebra Standards by Unit

What is Geometry in Construction?

Promo Video

GIC Overview- Geometry and Construction

Geometry Unit Planner with Standards

Geometry Math Standards by Unit

Who should attend? Each course requires 2 teachers to attend: 

Example- AMPED on Algebra= 1 CTE + 1 MATH 

Flexibility here- reach out with specific questions! 

Cost $1895 per participant 

Includes: ALL Curriculum for the MATH course AND the CTE course. Includes quizzes, assignments, tests. There is no renewal fee. 

Registration AMPED on Algebra 

Geometry in Construction 

Deadline to Register: May 7, 2024 

Informational Zooms-

Please click this link to register for a zoom session. You will receive an email with the invitation.


Zooms will be offered on the following dates and times for information- please attend as you are able. These zooms are intended for prospective teachers, administrators, curriculum directors, coaches to attend! 

3:30-4:00 PM




7:30-8:00 AM





Check out the FAQ Document

Contact Theresa Smith

Central Rivers Math Consultant at