Tracking FAFSA

You can now track the state's FAFSA completion and sort it by district, school building, etc. You can also compare with year-over-year data. Just to let you know, it is not an accurate comparison to last year since we opened 3 months later than normal, but it does give some interesting insight.
With this new update, be advised that you will need to clear your cache and/or browsing data for it to work. This is a hiccup that we cannot fix on our end. 
  • To clear your data, navigate to your browser's menu (mine is at the top right-hand corner indicated by 3 dots). From there, select "Clear browsing data" and then select clear "browsing history" and "cached files". Close out the page & reopen, and the dashboard should be updated for you.
  • You can also open it in incognito mode, and it will work (without clearing anything).