Board of Directors

A seven-member Board of Directors, representing every school district served by the agency, governs Prairie Lakes Area Education Agency. The board represents the legal body that establishes educational policies and sets goals and objectives for the agency. These policies and goals are carried out by the chief administrator and staff under the board’s direction.

Regular meetings are traditionally held on the third Monday of every month in the PLAEA office in Pocahontas. The meeting location occasionally rotates to other venues. For a current agenda, including details about location, click on Meetings above. Meetings are traditionally held at 4 p.m. and are open to the public. Terms are for four years and overlap to ensure continuity of board leadership. AEA board members receive no pay for their public service.

The Prairie Lakes AEA Board of Directors welcomes you to attend monthly meetings. By attending, you will better understand how our agency operates. There will be discussions about student learning, the structure of our agency, partnerships and agreements we have with external partners, finances, staffing, and other topics related to service and education.

Board meeting details, board policies, and other information about the Prairie Lakes AEA board is available by clicking here.