Our Mission

Our Vision/Mission/Commitments/Goals/Partners


PLAEA exists to provide effective, efficient and economical services that support high-quality educational opportunities..


Meaningful partnerships ~ endless possibilities

Collective Commitments

 In order to carry out OUR Agency vision & mission, we are committed to: 

  • Professionalism: We abide by the highest professional standards.
  • Leadership:  We are leaders, explorers of ideas, creators of solutions, and risk-takers. Our programs & services are worthy, reliable and our work makes a difference.
  • Partnership:  We build relationships with schools and families to understand what they value and are seen as partners.
  • Collaboration:  We are each responsible for creating an environment that supports the open exchange of ideas, fosters careful listening, and encourages every person to develop professionally.
  • Data-Informed Decision-Making:  We collect, analyze and interpret data to identify trends, patterns and insights that guide decision-making to improve outcomes for  learners and those who support them.


  1. Contribute to a safe, supportive and collaborative environment
  2. Build capacity of staff, educational partners, and families to provide high quality learning experiences 
  3. Promote fiscal and resource sharing opportunities with and among our partners 
  4. Market the services and resources offered through Prairie Lakes AEA

Key Partners

Children, Families, Educators (public and non-public), Community Partners, Iowa AEA System, Iowa Department of Education