Policies & Procedures

Credit Options
Courses are approved for licensure renewal credit and many will be approved for graduate credit through Morningside College, Drake University and Buena Vista University. To receive any credit, licensure renewal or graduate, you must be in attendance in class for 15 hours , excluding meals and complete all required work! Out of class work does not make up for time missed. Please note: All credit types require some type of work completion. The expectations for all participants are the same regarding attendance, assignments, and participation regardless of the credit type.

Once the class is finished, credit type becomes permanent. You cannot request a change in credit type nor will any refunds be given. In unusual circumstances, which result in a participant being unable to finish a class, ie. illness, death in the family, a refund will be issued. This is at the discretion of the License Renewal Coordinator.

To receive credit for a class all participants must be registered and the registration fee paid by the last official date of class. Registrations for credit will not be accepted if a class has ended.

Refund Policy / Course Disclaimer

Participant Withdrawal Process

  • To withdraw from a class prior to 8 calendar days before the the first day, participants will click on the withdrawal icon next to the course under My Courses.
  • Participants will receive a full refund when withdrawals are requested up to 8 calendar days before the first day of class.
  • Participants will receive NO REFUND of fees for withdrawals requested 7 calendar days prior to, on, or after the first day of class.
  • Participants may contact the AEA professional learning office administrator in the case of an emergency or a situation with extenuating circumstances to make a special request for a refund.
  • Materials/other fees may not be refundable.
  • If participants have questions about withdrawals, please email the sponsoring AEA’s professional learning office.

Changing Credit Type

If participants want to change from a lesser fee-based credit type to a higher fee-based credit type, they can do so at any time on their own in our online registration system until the section end date. Participants are responsible for any additional charge. If participants want to change from a higher fee-based credit type to a lower fee-based credit type including “no fee” (Participant only), they will get a refund of the difference up until the section end date.

Low Enrollment Cancellations

Decisions on cancellations will be made eight calendar days prior to the offering start date. All fees paid will be refunded if the section is cancelled. Thank you for taking the time to register before every professional learning opportunity. We appreciate participant attention to registration timelines as posted by course. Registration guarantees the instructor is ready for all participants - a place to sit, handouts, books, etc. Each AEA will determine locally if/when registration will close in the system for the professional learning opportunity.

Important Note: Please be aware of your district's policy of earning licensure renewal or graduate credit during the work day. Some districts do not allow this.