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Evaluator Approval

The question often asked by practitioners who need to renew his/her administrator license and/or evaluator license is – How do I renew my evaluator license?

In fact, this popular question is posed quite frequently to consultants at the Board of Educational Examiners (BoEE) and the Department of Education (DE). As a point of reference for those seeking renewal, the BoEE is responsible for writing administrative rules and policies regarding the requirements for licensure renewals. The role of the DE in the evaluator approval process has been to provide the necessary course content, training, and support necessary for best practice in the evaluation of teachers and administrators. Please see the following BoEE and DE links regarding administrator/evaluator licensure:

Board of Educational Examiners

282—19.7 ( )and 282— 19.8 ( )

Department of Education 85

In light of the current conversations around changing the evaluation process, the BoEE and the DE have determined that practitioners must complete one (1) of the current evaluator renewal courses. The DE approved courses include: Assessing Academic Rigor or iEvaluate. Please be aware that renewal of an administrator license, with an evaluator endorsement, requires a total of four semester hours of renewal credit.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact the following BoEE and DE staff members with questions about evaluator renewal.

  • Greg Horstmann ( or 515.281.3587) with questions about evaluator endorsement/license renewal.
  • Matt Ludwig ( or (515) 281-3750) with questions about approved evaluator courses and availability
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