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Challenging Behavior


The AEA Challenging Behavior Teams were organized to provide consistent statewide professional development and consultation to support learning for student’s ages 3 to 21 that are displaying serious behavior concerns. These services promote respect, compassion, and positive behavior supports enabling every learner to perform at his or her highest level within a safe, healthy, and least restrictive environment. Development of the Challenging Behavior Team (CBT) is a collaborative effort of the Iowa Department of Education, the Center for Disabilities and Development at the University of Iowa Children’s Hospital, and Iowa Area Education Agencies.


The purpose of the Prairie Lakes AEA Challenging Behavior Team (CBT) is to assist and support local school-based teams in providing services to students whose behaviors significantly impact their own learning and the learning of other students when lower level interventions have not been effective. When lower level interventions have not been effective the building Behavior Strategist will assist in contacting and making the necessary referral to the CBT.


Each region in Prairie Lakes AEA has assigned staff for the Challenging Behavior Team.  When districts have students that need to be referred, they should first work through their AEA Behavior Strategist and building team and then if necessary send all referral information to the CBT members in their region. The referral form is is available here.  REMINDER - Your behavior strategist can complete the form to request CBT assistance. At this time, all referrals must come through your building behavior strategist.

The regional CBT members will work with the AEA and LEA staff on the referral. CBT Team members include:

Glenda Harms (Lead)  
Samantha Cagle (Behavior Strategist)

Available Services

The CBT offers two levels of service. 

Level 1
Consultation, may be accessed by teachers, administrators and AEA staff. Examples of consultative services include:

•    Brainstorming data collection methods and providing examples
•    Brainstorming interventions
•    Providing resources such as articles and websites that may assist the team

Consultation may be done via e-mail, phone contact or video conferencing methods such as Skype. When requesting consultation, please include the district you work for/serve, a brief description of the issue, and the best way to respond. To access consultative services, please use this contact form

Level 2
The second, referral, must be made by your local Behavior Strategist using this form,  Referral services include:

•    Observation services
•    Assessment services
•    Experimental Analysis services

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