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Cancellation/ Withdrawal & Refund/Change of Credit Policy

Course Schedules
All classes approved for licensure renewal credit must meet for a minimum of 15 hours per credit hour, excluding meals. For traditional face-to-face classes all participants must complete the 15 collaborative hours with the instructor to receive credit. Out of class work does not make up for time missed.  If you have questions or concerns about this, please contact the License Renewal Coordinator.

Class Cancellations

PLAEA reserves the right to cancel any class that does not have sufficient enrollment. Course cancellations will be made approximately 2 weeks prior to the start date of the class. Registered participants will be notified and two options are available: (1) the registration fee will be refunded or (2) the registration fee can be transferred to another course within two weeks.


To receive credit for a class all participants must be registered and the registration fee paid by the last official date of class.  Registrations for credit will not be accepted if a class has ended.

Withdrawal & Refund Policy:

Withdrawal (cancellation) by Participant Prior to Beginning of a Course:

To withdraw (cancel a course registration) and request a refund, please contact Registrar up to two weeks before the start of the course. Two options are available: (1) the registration fee will be refunded or (2) registration fee may be transferred to another course. Additional fees due for new course must be received before registration will be transferred.

Withdrawal (cancellation) by Participant after the Start of the Course:

To withdraw (cancellation) after the start of a course, please contact Registrar immediately. Note that registration and materials fees will be forfeited. No refunds will be given. Failure to officially withdraw from a course will be treated as nonattendance and a failing grade will be assigned.  There is no refund for “no shows”.

In an emergency situation which necessitates dropping a class after it has started, it is the discretion of the License Renewal Coordinator to approve refund or allow transfer of fees to another course. In this case, a written request must be made with appropriate documentation two weeks prior to the end of the course.

Change of Credit:

Change of Credit by Participant Prior to Beginning of a Course:

If you have already registered for a course and the course has not started, please contact the registrar to change credit type. All additional fees must be paid immediately. A $10.00 service fee will be charged if a refund is due to participant.

Change of Credit by Participant During the Course:

If a course is in progress and a participant would like to change credit type, please contact the registrar by email to request a change in credit type. All additional fees must be paid immediately. A $10.00 service fee will be charged if a refund is due to participant. This must be completed before the final class/learning team meeting. A change of credit to No Credit option is considered a withdrawal therefore no refund will be given.

Change of Credit by Participant After the Course has Ended:

Once a course is finished, credit type becomes permanent. You cannot request a change in credit type nor will any refunds be given.

Requesting Transcripts
When you successfully complete the course, you will automatically receive an official transcript for the course taken through the AEA.  To receive additional transcript please send a written request long with a check for $5 payable to Prairie Lakes AEA 8 to:  Professional Development, Prairie Lakes AEA 8, 1235 5th Avenue South, Fort Dodge, IA  50501.

Weather-related Class Cancellations
Wondering if your office is closed or a PLAEA class, workshop, meeting, etc. is delayed or canceled? PLAEA Alerts includes four ways for you to learn the status of Prairie Lakes AEA events or office closings:  Email, Text/SMS message or call our toll-free PLAEA Alerts hotline – 1-800-669-2325, Press 2.  There is also a link to Alerts on the Prairie Lakes AEA website.
Prairie Lakes AEA does not use local radio or TV stations to communicate this information.
You can “subscribe” to PLAEA Alerts and automatically receive a message if the event you’re attending has been delayed or canceled. Sign-up just takes a few minutes and is FREE! Anyone can sign-up so share this information with a friend! Instructions can be found here. If you’ve already signed up, you do NOT need to register.

Effective 03/01/2008

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