Prairie Lakes Area Education Agency


Eligibility for Service

Delivery is available to school educators and AEA staff employed in accredited private and public schools within the 14 counties served by Prairie Lakes AEA for the enhancement of education/instruction. Prairie Lakes cooperates with other educational institutions if the material for distribution meets criteria, including an educational purpose, size, proper labeling, etc. Contact Harriet Adams with questions.

Van Route Information

Prairie Lakes AEA delivers/picks up Lending Library materials, mail and printing/production items at each school building and AEA office once a week. Materials need to be ready for pick-up at least one-half hour prior to the van’s expected time of arrival. Please contact Harriet Adams with any van delivery questions or concerns.

Van Route Map

The van route calendar can be accessed here. For a colored map of van routes, please click here.

Holiday Van Schedules

For a flier of the holiday adjustments to the van route calendar, please click here.

Building and Van Route Numbers

For a listing of building numbers and van route numbers in alphabetical order by school district/town, click here.

Van Mail Guidelines

For guidelines for utilizing the AEA Van Delivery system, please click here.

Snow Days/Bad Road Conditions

Cancellation of delivery due to weather or road conditions is never convenient. We regret that we are unable to deliver on these days. If weather conditions prevent the AEA vans from arriving on the scheduled day, attempts will be made to deliver materials on the next day. Routes are canceled when half or more of the stops on that route have called off school or if road conditions jeopardize the safety of the van driver. We will attempt to notify schools on the canceled route(s) that there will be no delivery that day.

Summer Information

There is no van delivery during the summer. Materials needed for use over the summer need to be scheduled for shipment before van delivery for the academic year ceases.

Commercial carriers can be utilized for shipment and returns during the summer with schools responsible for the cost of sending materials back to the AEA.

Please remember that materials are housed in three locations: Pocahontas, Sioux City and Sioux Center; not all titles will be available on a walk-in or expedited basis during the summer.

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