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AEA Digital Resources

Looking for helpful resources for your family?  Iowa’s AEAs provide Iowa students and educators with no-cost access to 16 high-quality, vetted digital resources. The resources are available anytime, anywhere! 

There are read-aloud ebooks, ebooks, digital audiobooks, videos, encyclopedias, articles, newspapers and more for our youngest and oldest learners.

If your student needs the username/password, please contact the teacher-librarian in your district, or email Christine Sturgeon. 

Engaging performance tasks to use and grow skills of Critical Thinking, Communication, Collaboration and Creativity. Click this link to access.

K-12th Grades

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With over 400 titles, this collection includes streaming video, still images and digital documents. Click here to access.

PreK-3 Literature | 4th-8th Science | 7th-12th Health & Guidance

PreK-12th Grades

AHIV Button Collection of more than 16,000 newsreels, documentaries, reenactments, and analyses. Click here to access.

K-12th Grades

BkflixOnline literacy resource pairing fictional video storybooks with related nonfiction books. Click here to access

PreK-3rd Grades

Britannica school

A collection of resources for K-12 including an encyclopedia, dictionary, atlas, articles and more. Click here to access.
Pre K-12th Grades

Proquest Culture Grams

A resource for detailed information about countries and their citizens. Click here to access.
Pre K-12th Grades

Freedom Flix

Provides 60+ ebooks and video clips, supplying information relevant to science and social studies core topics. Click here to access.
4th-12th Grades

Gale Support

An eResource package offering content from magazines, newspapers, and reference materials. Resources are designed for age-appropriate access. Click here to access
PreK-12th Grades


A collection of photos, clipart, fonts, and animations. Click here to access
PreK-12th Grades


Collection of video clips, images, audio files, newsreels, and speeches. Click here to access.
PreK-12th Grades

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Collection of e-Books and audiobooks. (Individual student accounts available for students). Click here to access
K-12th Grades


Books and short video clips about science topics. Click here to access
4th-12th Grades

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Exploration of the perspectives (pro vs. con) and essential questions under debate on over 300 social issues. Click here to access
9th-12th Grades

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Royalty-free music collection. Click here to access.
K-12th Grades

Logo teachingbooks

Collections of author video interviews, book readings, teaching resources and lesson plans to support student reading skills and interests. Click here to access
K-12th Grades

Teen Health

Provides students with nonjudgmental, straightforward information on today’s teen health and wellness issues. Click here to access.
7th-12th Grades

True Flix

Combines Scholastic True Books ebooks content with reading supports and a deep and diverse collection of related videos, images, web links, and text. Click here to access.
3rd-6th Grades


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