Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapists provide services to infants (0-3 years old), who have or are at risk for developmental delays, and to school age students (3-21 years old) who have motor or sensorimotor challenges that impact their participation in educational activities. They utilize strategies for mental and physical health and well-being by promoting occupation within daily routines through direct intervention, integrated activities, coaching and consultation with school staff and families. 

Occupational Therapists provide expertise to teams and students, to improve student performance in learning environments throughout the school (e.g., playgrounds, classrooms, lunchrooms, bathrooms); to help develop participation skills for secondary transition; and optimize student performance throughout the school day through specific adaptations and accommodations.

 Services include activities that address:

  • Activities of daily living
  • Feeding and eating skills
  • Dressing skills
  • Hygiene skills
  • Domestic living skills
  • Fine motor/visual motor
  • Functional communication; handwriting, computer use
  • Positioning
  • Pre-vocational tasks
  • Socialization skills
  • Play and leisure activities

If you would like to make a referral for a classroom or student concern, please complete this form.  Your assigned occupational therapist will be in touch with you via email shortly.

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