Address: 1000 Shakespeare Ave.

Phone: 515-838-2208

Fax: 515-838-1938

Superintendent: Dr. Mandy Ross

Superintendent’s Email Website Link

AEA Field Office

825 Beach St.

Phone: 515-206-7107

Fax: 515-832-5365

Main Contact Email
  • Stratford Administration & Elementary

    Address: 1000 Shakespeare Avenue PO Box 190

    Phone: 515-838-2208

    Fax: 515-838-1938

    Principal: Mindy Mossman

    Principal’s Email Website Link

    Building Number: Stratford Elem/Admin-47

    Van Route: Route 5

AEA Staff

Staff Directory
Laura Albers's photo

Laura Albers

Teacher of Visually Impaired

712-540-2696 Email Laura Albers
Lori Beltran's photo

Lori Beltran

School Improvement Facilitator

515-606-7005 Email Lori Beltran
McKaylee Heuton's photo

McKaylee Heuton

Family and Education Partner

515-206-7112 Email McKaylee Heuton
Dawn Higgins's photo

Dawn Higgins

Physical Therapist

515-606-7011 Email Dawn Higgins
Lyndsey Johnson's photo

Lyndsey Johnson

Behavior Strategist

515-606-7015 Email Lyndsey Johnson
Laura Lucchesi's photo

Laura Lucchesi

Speech Language Pathologist

515-606-7014 Email Laura Lucchesi
Alicia Pauley's photo

Alicia Pauley

ECSE Teacher/Consultant

515-705-7115 Email Alicia Pauley
Jennifer Peter's photo

Jennifer Peter

Regional Administrator

515-206-7107 Email Jennifer Peter
Cassidy Remsburg's photo

Cassidy Remsburg

School Psychologist

515-705-7116 Email Cassidy Remsburg
Melissa Sadler's photo

Melissa Sadler

Orientation and Mobility Specialist

Email Melissa Sadler
Maureen Salinas's photo

Maureen Salinas


515-705-7175 Email Maureen Salinas
Becky Singer's photo

Becky Singer

Teacher of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing

515-705-7182 Email Becky Singer
Jennifer Stattelman's photo

Jennifer Stattelman

Academic Strategist

515-705-7147 Email Jennifer Stattelman
Angela Vogel's photo

Angela Vogel

Occupational Therapist

515-606-7022 Email Angela Vogel