St. Paul Lutheran

Address: 1217 4th Ave. S.

Phone: 515-955-7208

Fax: 515-573-7839

Superintendent: Barb Kozisek, Princial

Superintendent’s Email Website Link

AEA Field Office

1235 5th Ave. S.

Phone: 515-570-7196

Fax: 515-574-5508

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  • Fort Dodge St. Paul Lutheran School

    Address: 1217 4th Ave South

    Phone: 515-955-7208

    Fax: 515-573-7839

    Principal: Barb Kozisek

    Principal’s Email Website Link

    Building Number: Fort Dodge St. Paul Lutheran-114

    Van Route: Route 2

AEA Staff

Staff Directory


Hope Brown

School Improvement Facilitator

515-705-7195 Email Hope Brown
Maureen Salinas's photo

Maureen Salinas


515-705-7175 Email Maureen Salinas
Nancy Schofield's photo

Nancy Schofield

Teacher of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing

515-705-7176 Email Nancy Schofield


Carrie Spellmeyer

Teacher of Visually Impaired

Email Carrie Spellmeyer