St. Edmond Catholic

2321 6th Ave. N.
Fort Dodge

Phone: 515-576-5182

Fax: 515-573-3601

Superintendent: Msgr. Kevin McCoy, President

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AEA Field Office

1235 5th Ave. S.

Phone: 515-705-7196

Fax: 515-574-5508

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AEA Staff

Staff Directory
Jackie Christensen's photo

Jackie Christensen

ESL/ELL/Title 3

(712) 346-5032 Email Jackie Christensen
Cari Hepperle's photo

Cari Hepperle

Occupational Therapist

515-705-7164 Email Cari Hepperle
McKaylee Heuton's photo

McKaylee Heuton

Family and Education Partner

515-206-7112 Email McKaylee Heuton
Valerie Jergens's photo

Valerie Jergens

Regional Administrator

515-705-7196 Email Valerie Jergens
Amy Numedahl's photo

Amy Numedahl

Academic Strategist

515-606-7020 Email Amy Numedahl
Maureen Salinas's photo

Maureen Salinas


515-705-7175 Email Maureen Salinas
Denise Schwery's photo

Denise Schwery

School Psychologist

515-705-7177 Email Denise Schwery
Jill Siefken's photo

Jill Siefken

School Improvement Facilitator

515-705-7180 Email Jill Siefken
Becky Singer's photo

Becky Singer

Teacher of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing

515-705-7182 Email Becky Singer
Carrie Spellmeyer's photo

Carrie Spellmeyer

Teacher of Visually Impaired

Email Carrie Spellmeyer
Julie Tolliver's photo

Julie Tolliver

Speech Language Pathologist

515-705-7187 Email Julie Tolliver
Jeanette White's photo

Jeanette White

Teacher Librarian

(712) 335-6038 Email Jeanette White
Pearl Wuebker's photo

Pearl Wuebker

Physical Therapist

712-335-6058 Email Pearl Wuebker