Address: 300 W. Garfield

Phone: 712-841-5000

Fax: 712-841-5010

Superintendent: Kevin Wood

Superintendent’s Email Website Link

AEA Field Office

824 Flindt Drive, Suite 105

Phone: 712-458-7033

Fax: 712-732-7654

Main Contact Email
  • Laurens-Marathon Admin, Elementary, Middle

    Address: 300 West Garfield

    Phone: 712-841-5000

    Fax: 712-841-5010

    Principal: Troy Oehlertz

    Principal’s Email Website Link

    Building Number: Laurens-Marathon Elem/MS/HS/Admin-6

    Van Route: Route 4

AEA Staff

Staff Directory
Mary Berkenpas's photo

Mary Berkenpas

Teacher of Visually Impaired

Email Mary Berkenpas
Nancy Foster's photo

Nancy Foster

Orientation and Mobility Specialist

800-572-5073 Email Nancy Foster
Angela Harvey's photo

Angela Harvey


515-705-7117 Email Angela Harvey
Tiffany Hoogestraat's photo

Tiffany Hoogestraat

School Improvement Facilitator

712-705-7120 Email Tiffany Hoogestraat
Kimberly Johnson's photo

Kimberly Johnson

Speech Language Pathologist

712-335-6045 Email Kimberly Johnson
Brenda Kulow's photo

Brenda Kulow

Teacher of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing

712-380-7765 Email Brenda Kulow
Deborah Maguire's photo

Deborah Maguire

Family and Education Partner

712-458-7011 Email Deborah Maguire
Kris Manteufel's photo

Kris Manteufel

School Social Worker

712-458-7025 Email Kris Manteufel
Katie Nelson's photo

Katie Nelson

Physical Therapist

712-346-5022 Email Katie Nelson
Gale Randall's photo

Gale Randall

ECSE Teacher/Consultant

712-458-7028 Email Gale Randall
Jennifer Sammons's photo

Jennifer Sammons

Regional Administrator

712-458-7033 Email Jennifer Sammons
Jeannie Shimon's photo

Jeannie Shimon

Academic Strategist

712-346-5035 Email Jeannie Shimon
Jordyn Sippel's photo

Jordyn Sippel

Occupational Therapist

712-335-6046 Email Jordyn Sippel
Jodi Ward's photo

Jodi Ward

Speech Language Pathologist

712-335-6055 Email Jodi Ward