Harris-Lake Park

Address: 905 S. Market St. P.O. Box 8

Phone: 712-832-3809

Fax: 712-832-3812

Superintendent: Andy Irwin

Superintendent’s Email Website Link

AEA Field Office

23 E. State St.

Phone: 712-458-7030

Fax: 712-262-5114

Main Contact Email
  • Harris-Lake Park Admin, Middle & High School

    Address: 905 S Market St PO Box 8

    Phone: 712-832-3809

    Fax: 712-832-3812

    Principal: Gregory Hiemstra

    Principal’s Email Website Link

    Building Number: Harris Lake Park MS/HS/Admin-202

    Van Route: Route 4

  • Harris-Lake Park Elementary

    Address: 105 Ave A West PO Box 8

    Phone: 712-832-3437

    Fax: 712-832-3437

    Principal: Andy Irwin

    Principal’s Email Website Link

    Building Number: Harris Lake Park Elem-203

    Van Route: Route 4

AEA Staff

Staff Directory
Mary Berkenpas's photo

Mary Berkenpas

Teacher of Visually Impaired

Email Mary Berkenpas
Tricia Christopher's photo

Tricia Christopher

School Improvement Facilitator

712-380-7768 Email Tricia Christopher
Michelle Conrad's photo

Michelle Conrad


712-346-5009 Email Michelle Conrad
Courtney Cook's photo

Courtney Cook

School Emotional Behavior Health Coordinator

712-346-5037 Email Courtney Cook
Deborah Maguire's photo

Deborah Maguire

Family and Education Partner

712-458-7011 Email Deborah Maguire
Kelly Mills's photo

Kelly Mills

Physical Therapist

712-346-5038 Email Kelly Mills
Nicole Peter's photo

Nicole Peter

Occupational Therapist

712-346-5026 Email Nicole Peter
Amy Profit's photo

Amy Profit

Physical Therapy Assistant

712-380-7776 Email Amy Profit
Marta Sandoval's photo

Marta Sandoval

Regional Administrator

712-458-7030 Email Marta Sandoval