Emmetsburg Catholic

Address: 1903 South Broadway

Phone: 712-852-3464

Fax: 712-852-3464

Superintendent: Jean Hyslop, Principal

Superintendent’s Email Website Link

AEA Field Office

116 S. Thorington

Phone: 712-380-7777

Fax: 515-295-3548

Main Contact Email
  • Emmetsburg Catholic Elementary

    Address: 1903 South Broadway

    Phone: 712-852-3464

    Fax: 712-852-3464

    Principal: Jean Hyslop

    Principal’s Email Website Link

    Building Number: Emmetsburg Catholic School-181

    Van Route: Route 3

AEA Staff

Staff Directory
Rachel Brown's photo

Rachel Brown

School Improvement Facilitator

515-705-7159 Email Rachel Brown
Tracey Carlson's photo

Tracey Carlson

Speech Language Pathologist

712-346-5006 Email Tracey Carlson
Erin Christensen's photo

Erin Christensen

ECSE Teacher/Consultant

712-346-5040 Email Erin Christensen
David Cole's photo

David Cole

Special Education Consultant

712-346-5007 Email David Cole
Angela Harvey's photo

Angela Harvey


515-705-7117 Email Angela Harvey
Brenda Kulow's photo

Brenda Kulow

Teacher of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing

712-380-7765 Email Brenda Kulow
Joanna Lange's photo

Joanna Lange

Occupational Therapist

712-380-7772 Email Joanna Lange
Lisa Lundy's photo

Lisa Lundy

School Psychologist

712-346-5011 Email Lisa Lundy
Deborah Maguire's photo

Deborah Maguire

Family and Education Partner

712-458-7011 Email Deborah Maguire
Kelly Mills's photo

Kelly Mills

Physical Therapist

712-346-5038 Email Kelly Mills
Melissa Sadler's photo

Melissa Sadler

Orientation and Mobility Specialist

Email Melissa Sadler
Jill Siefken's photo

Jill Siefken

School Improvement Facilitator

515-705-7180 Email Jill Siefken
Carrie Spellmeyer's photo

Carrie Spellmeyer

Teacher of Visually Impaired

Email Carrie Spellmeyer
Christine Wells's photo

Christine Wells

Regional Administrator

712-380-7777 Email Christine Wells