Stough Family Finds Consistency in AEA During Uncertain Times

ALTA, IA — Diana Stough, a concerned parent from Alta, highlights the invaluable support provided by Anna Speers, a Prairie Lakes Area Education Agency (AEA) School Social Worker, in ensuring her son Quinn's educational success amidst school challenges.

Noticing changes in Quinn's behavior at the beginning of the school year, Diana became alarmed, as it became apparent his progress from the previous year was regressing. She began to look for solutions.

Speers, assigned to assist the Stough family since Quinn's kindergarten years, swiftly intervened upon learning of the issues affecting his care. Recognizing Quinn's unique needs, Anna proactively implemented a program to train substitute teachers before they worked with him, ensuring continuity and quality of care.

Leveraging the resources available through the AEA, Anna aligned additional support services for Quinn, supplementing the school's staffing shortage. Her dedication and tireless efforts ensured he received the necessary care and attention to thrive academically and emotionally.

"Anna worked so hard each day to make sure Quinn was fully taken care of and kept me in the loop," Stough says. "She stayed involved until the situation was resolved and was my lifeline and advocate to the school. I don’t know what I would have done without her."

Diana's testimonial underscores the critical role AEA workers like Anna Speers played in providing essential support and advocacy for students with diverse needs. Their commitment to ensuring educational equity and student success is invaluable to families navigating complex challenges.Stories like this one illustrate the value provided by AEAs across Iowa. Do you have a similar story you would like to share regarding AEA services? We would love to hear it! Share your story here: