Sorbo Family Shares Impact of AEA on Son When Preparing for Preschool

ESTHERVILLE, IA — When Braxton Sorbo transitioned from a talkative toddler to struggling with a sudden stutter, his parents sought help and were directed to their local Area Education Agencies (AEA). The agency’s speech therapists were instrumental in addressing the issue and preparing Braxton for success in school. 

At age three, Braxton developed a stutter, causing concern for his family. Despite monitoring the situation, his speech continued to be affected, impacting his self-esteem and overall wellbeing. Seeking assistance, Braxton's family turned to speech therapy, but faced financial hurdles as their insurance did not cover the costs.

Braxton's mother, Kim, sought help from Sheila King, a speech pathologist affiliated with the Estherville Lincoln Central Community School District’s local AEA. Sheila's intervention proved to be transformative. Collaborating closely with Kim, she developed a tailored plan to aid Braxton's speech development, laying the groundwork for his successful transition to preschool.

Sheila's support extended beyond speech therapy, as she assisted Braxton's parents in establishing a personalized Independent Education Plan (IEP) through the school district. This comprehensive approach addressed Braxton's speech impediment and nurtured his overall growth and confidence.

“Braxton would beam while working with Sheila,” Kim says. “Sheila's professional and compassionate approach put us at ease and instilled trust in our relationship with her and Braxton's whole IEP support team.”

Stories like Braxton's underscore the invaluable contribution of AEAs throughout Iowa. The dedication and expertise they provide empower children like Braxton to overcome challenges and thrive.

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