Prairie Lakes AEA Invited to Algona Public Library for Early Childhood Reading Program

ALGONA, IA — The Prairie Lakes Area Education Agency (AEA) was invited to assist with the Early Childhood Reading Program at the Algona Public Library.

Joy Weier, a Speech Language Pathologist for Prairie Lakes AEA, showcased her expertise as a guest reader, captivating audiences alongside librarian, Kristy Allison. The program, tailored for children aged 1-5 and their caregivers, featured an engaging session with the story, “The Jacket I Wear in the Snow,” by Nancy Winslow Parker.

Using a multisensory approach, Weier facilitated an interactive experience for the young participants. A visual storyboard with elements from the story served as a focal point, encouraging children to actively engage by placing corresponding items on the board as Weier read aloud. This approach emphasized the vital role of communication and repetition in nurturing language development.

The Early Childhood Reading Program, spanning six sessions, provided a comprehensive platform for fostering holistic growth in young minds. Covering essential developmental areas such as reading, writing, singing, playing, and conversing, the program aimed to enrich the lives of participating children and their families. 

Weier's contribution to the program reflects PLAEA’s commitment to supporting early childhood literacy initiatives within the community. Through collaborative efforts like these, the agency continues to empower young learners and promote lifelong learning opportunities.

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