Eggers Family Gratefully Acknowledges AEA’s Support

STORM LAKE, IA — Storm Lake resident Jared Eggers and his family expressed their heartfelt gratitude to the Prairie Lakes Area Education Agency (PLAEA) for the exceptional support provided to their son, Jace, in navigating his hearing challenges and ensuring his educational success.

Shannon DeMoss, a dedicated professional at PLAEA, shared the journey with the Eggers family and has been instrumental in Jace's developmental progress. Since he was three years old, Shannon has been providing invaluable assistance to address his behavioral challenges initially suspected to be related to hearing impairments.

The Eggers family underwent various assessments and consultations, recognizing Shannon's expertise confirming Jace's hearing loss. Her unwavering support and advocacy facilitated referrals to specialized institutions like Boystown in Omaha, where the family pursued further testing and interventions.

In 2023, as Jace's condition progressed, Shannon recommended exploring cochlear implantation. Her guidance and involvement in updating Jace's Individualized Education Program (IEP) demonstrated her commitment to his holistic development. Despite the complexity of the process, Shannon's empathy, professionalism, and dedication reassured the Eggers family, ultimately culminating in Jace's successful cochlear implant placement in December 2023.

Jared Eggers emphasized PLAEA and its team's pivotal role in his son’s transformative journey. He underscored the significance of sharing the family’s story to highlight the indispensable contributions of AEAs in Iowa's education system. 

The Eggers family extends profound gratitude to PLAEA, acknowledging Shannon DeMoss's unparalleled dedication and the collaborative efforts of the school district, reaffirming their unwavering support for the vital services provided by AEAs in shaping brighter futures for students like Jace.

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