2023 Department of Education Regional Science Trainings

2023 Department of Education Regional Science Trainings







The Iowa Department of Education, the Iowa DNR, AEAs, and other regional institutions are hosting three regional science trainings for teachers, coaches, administrators, preservice teachers and informal educators. These events will be held in-person to help facilitate teacher networking and the delivery of a consistent message to science educators across the state. To accommodate travel and substitute issues, the regional trainings will be held on three different dates from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM. 


Programs for each venue: 


There is a strong push to have at minimum, 1 person from every district attend these trainings but we would love to have teams from various grade levels.

  • Teachers and coaches will find first hand experiences with what it feels like in a classroom that centers around active student sensemaking of phenomena with loads of ideas and materials that can be used instantly in their classroom. There will be strands for elementary, middle school, and high school. 
  • Administrators will find insight into what to look for in a science classroom that is teaching the Iowa Science Standards. This time can also be utilized to network with prospective teachers as they begin to look for jobs in the field. 
  • Preservice teachers will find themselves working side by side with veteran professionals, gaining experience and perspectives that are hard to come by in the college classrooms. There will also be dozens of prospective employers that would love to network with future teachers. 
  • Informal educators and naturalists will gain insight into what it means to instruct using natural phenomena, which could be used to align and enhance their programs as well as connect their efforts with school district goals. 

Hope Brown, PLAEA science specialist, will be facilitating at the BVU site. If you have questions, please contact her at hbrown@plaea.org.



Registration for the events is free and lunch will be graciously provided by the Iowa DNR and Iowa Space Grant Consortium. 

Space is limited, so REGISTER NOW!!