Ninjafying the Unicorn of Pear Deck: The Teacher Dashboard

Wait….Ninja and Unicorn in the same sentence? Sold! Tell me more….one of the unicorns of premium access to Pear Deck is the teacher dashboard. You might be familiar with using the projector view when facilitating a session in Pear Deck. However, if wanting to ninjafy your Pear Deck skills, you need to dive into the teacher dashboard and discover the additional features you can unlock to create a more dynamic experience for your learners. 


Here are just a few ninja level skills the teacher dashboard provides:

  • Spotlight specific student submissions when showing responses by staring their replies
  • Provide real-time feedback to individual student responses
  • Hide replies that might distract from the overall learning experience
  • Open the dashboard on a separate device (phone, tablet, etc) for greater mobility

We hope these teasers about the teacher dashboard spark some insights on how you can ninjafy your Pear Deck skills further.

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