Cyber Incident Response Plan Workshop scheduled ~ May 10

Cybersecurity in education presents many unique cybersecurity challenges. Your district has a response plan for situations such as a fire, tornado, or lockdowns. Does your district have a plan if your district gets infected with Ransomware or other cyber incident?

Keynote speaker Rob Denson, President of Des Moines Area Community College, will share details from the recent Ransomware attack. Denson will also share what he wished he knew before the incident. The remainder of the day we have experts in the cyber security field who will lead the workshop to start your district's Incident Response plan. This workshop is for district teams that must include the Superintendent and Technology Director. Additional team members could include Business Manager, Human Resources, Communications, and others who would have responsibilities during a cyber incident.

You will leave the workshop with a solid start to an Incident Response Plan that is tailored specifically for your district. You'll receive realistic and actionable guidance to improve your security so you can focus on cultivating a rich, safe learning environment for your students.


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