Paraeducator Certification Courses FREE for District Staff beginning September 10

Prairie Lakes AEA has received the Teacher and Paraeducator Registered Apprenticeship (TPRA) Grant Program offered by the State of Iowa. This grant allows us to offer the Paraeducator Certification Courses to school district staff for free! The summer session of these courses, which typically cost $427, will be no cost for participants for the courses or application fees. Participants will be responsible for their fingerprinting fee which ranges between $15-$25.

Participants may choose from two options. Dates and details for each cohort are below and classes. There is also coursework that is required to be completed online. Please note Cohort II is now being offered virtually (not face to face as previously communicated).

We recognize that this announcement has come with short notice, but we hope paraeducators are able to take advantage of this unique and stellar opportunity! Please help us share the great news by passing this along to anyone who may be interested. Contact Linda Ankeny or Carrie Guerin with questions.

How do I register?

· Go to

· Your login information is the same email and password that you use when logging into the AEA Training site (Mandatory Reporter, Bloodborne Pathogens, self-paced classes, etc.)

Cohort I - September 10-October 1 (maximum: 30 participants)

PL180818, Section #312846 - Introduction/Foundation - Kristine Randell

  • September 10 (Saturday) Zoom Session from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.
  • September 11-October 1 asynchronous learning on moodle*

October 15-November 5 (maximum: 30 participants)

PL180865, Section #312847 – Instructional Support - Kristine Randell

  • October 15 (Saturday) Zoom Session from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.
  • October 11-November 5 asynchronous learning on moodle*

November 19-December 10 (maximum: 30 participants)

PL180867, Section #312848 – Behavioral Supports - Marni Moody

  • November 19 (Saturday) Zoom Session from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.
  • November 20-December 10 asynchronous learning on moodle*

For each of the three sections the Instructor will send an email message which will provide access to Moodle modules and available office hours for additional support. Participants need a computer and internet service.  These sections are virtual / asynchronous on Moodle which are anticipated to require 30 clock hours for each section.