Grant award helps make virtual reality a reality

Unity x Meta Badge Image

Prairie Lakes AEA was recently awarded the Create with VR grant from Unity and Meta Immersive Learning! Virtual reality (VR) is a rapidly growing industry with high wages and big implications for the future of learning. The Create with VR grant will enable the agency to bring these exciting learning and career opportunities to our students.

Thanks to this grant, schools have access to free Meta Quest 2 VR headsets plus free educator training and resources for teaching VR creation. With the right combination of VR hardware, professional development, and teaching content, educators will be able to successfully build their curricula and prepare themselves to empower tomorrow’s creators.

Teachers can check-out a Meta Quest 2 headset from Prairie Lakes AEA to use in their classroom. They are also eligible to apply for a grant to receive a free classroom set of Meta Quest headsets. Contact Torrey Proctor ( for assistance.

The grant also includes professional learning for educators and the next cohort begins Sept. 20. This course is designed for secondary and post-secondary educators who want to equip their students to be the creators of tomorrow. The course provides training, support, community, and resources for educators to successfully teach VR development with Unity, the industry-leading interactive design tool. In the self-paced part of this course, participants will learn to design and develop their own Virtual Reality (VR) applications. Participants will create prototypes, attempt challenges, and complete quizzes to build and solidify their skillset. Whether creating an interactive walkthrough of an ancient ruin, a product configurator for a car manufacturer, a simulator for operating dangerous machinery, or any other experience, this course will help bring those ideas to life in VR.