Iowa organization honors Julie Meyer for Distinguished Service

Julie Meyer ICASECongratulations to Julie Meyer, a Special Education Consultant with Prairie Lakes Area Education Agency on being awarded for Distinguished Service by the Iowa Council of Administrators of Special Education (I-CASE). This award is presented to individuals making significant contributions to programs and services for students with disabilities. 


She was nominated by Valerie Jergens, Regional Administrator for Prairie Lakes Area Education Agency, who wrote:


“Julie has worked as a special education consultant for schools within Prairie Lakes AEA, served at the special education consultant department chairperson, and taken on many leadership roles over the course of her career.”


Jergens noted Meyer’s understanding of systems work, her purposeful relationship building, and her willingness to ask for and act on feedback about her work. As the leader of the department, Meyer was part of the mentoring and induction of new consultants. Her support for these people included both high expectations for learning and practice, and caring for them. 


“Through all of her work, she [Julie] never lost focus on the purpose of the work being impact on children’s lives,” Jergens wrote.