Paraeducators & Substitutes: this renewal course is for you!

We're  offering a one-hour renewal course designed for certified paraeducators and substitute teachers to create differentiated learning opportunities based on  choice. #203618 PL - Collaborative Study for Certified Paraeducators & Substitute Teachers will begin June 7 from 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., and the class will be held via Zoom.  Join and enjoy learning with other certified paraeducators and substitute teachers! Registration deadline is June 6. 


In this course, paraeducators and substitute teachers form learning groups/partners based on a common content they are interested in learning more about and develop an inquiry of questions to focus the learning on. Learning groups/partners will plan how they will use their new learning in their professional work.

Course Dates/Times - all held through Zoom
06/07/2022  08:30:00 AM  - 12:30:00 PM
06/09/2022  08:30:00 AM  - 12:30:00 PM
06/14/2022  08:30:00 AM  - 12:30:00 PM
06/16/2022  08:30:00 AM  - 12:30:00 PM
*Asynchronous group/partner learning will be arranged based on participants' interests and input.  All dates/times will be via zoom with group/partner and include a check-in with the instructor.


How do I log in?

  • Go to
  • Your login information is the same email and password that you use when logging into the AEA Training site (Mandatory Reporter, Bloodborne Pathogens, self-paced classes, etc)
  • Participants creating a new account will not be able to register or view courses until the next business day


Contact Carrie Guerin for more information.