New Changes to the Computer Science Curriculum & Professional Development Grant

In addition to the new maximum potential award of $50,000 (up from $30,000) and the removal of equal grade band distributions, as of Feb. 14, 2022, awarded funds may now be used for additional related expenses. Those expenses include any necessary equipment tied to the approved curriculum in the grant as well as stipends for teachers participating in professional development during non-contract hours and substitute pay when teachers participate in professional development during contract hours.

Please Note:

1). There is not a "set" list of equipment purchases that will be approved, however, all approved vendors were provided an opportunity to supply items that would be associated with their offerings. Feel free to contact the vendor for questions.

2). Stipends and substitute pay will follow that of the SCRIPT grants. Maximum sub pay amount is $150/day based on the school's regular rate. Maximum stipend amount is $20/hour or $160/day, based on the school's regular rate. Stipends are only allowed for off-contract work.

3) If your district has already submitted a grant for the CS Professional Development funds, you may reach out to Justin Lewis, ask for it to be returned and then amend your grant for any additional funding for equipment, stipends, and/or sub pay.

All information on the changes can be found on the Department's website and on the AEA Computer Science Information document (see page 2, middle, yellow column).

Please direct questions to Justin Lewis, Iowa Department of Education Computer Science Consultant.