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PRESS trainings scheduled

PRESS trainings are scheduled at Central Rivers AEA, Room B1521 Technology Parkway in Cedar Falls. 

Oct. 19 - Day 1: PRESS Classwide Interventions  
12:30 - 4:00 p.m.
RE039192071802 $35 + materials if needed

For classroom teachers, literacy coaches, and others providing whole class instruction. Learn an efficient process for data teams to analyze screening data and plan supplemental tier 1 supports for whole-class implementation. We introduce a process for examining student data and using a protocol to guide instructional decisions. Specifically, we demonstrate a classwide intervention framework for classrooms where over half of students have been identified as below grade-level on a universal screening measure. This process helps strengthen core instruction and, within a short time frame of ten days, the number of students requiring intervention can be significantly reduced. 

Oct. 20 - Day 2: PRESS Tier 2 Interventions & Introduction to Progress Monitoring 
9 a.m.-4 p.m.
RE038492071802  $60 + materials if needed

For classroom teachers, interventionists, literacy coaches, and others providing small group interventions.

Determine targeted, small group interventions using the PRESS data-driven decision making process. Learn how to identify students’ intervention needs using the PRESS diagnostic tools and then select and implement specific, skill-based interventions from the PRESS Intervention Manual. Consider the components of effective interventions & implementation fidelity. An introduction to continuous progress monitoring is provided with an emphasis on decision making using ongoing, reliable data collection. 

Registration Options:

  • Day 1 only
  • Day 2 only
  • Days 1 and 2

PRESS Intervention Manual and PRESS Community website subscription are required for each workshop

So please order on the registrations to fulfill this request

PRESS Intervention Manual: $75
PRESS Community website (one-year subscription) which also includes the Assessment Manual: $75

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