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Prairie Lakes AEA Staff

Name Phone E-mail Job Title
Berkenpas, Mary Teacher of Visually Impaired
Betz, Deborah 712-458-7011 Family and Education Partner
Blomberg, Gina 712-458-7009 Leadership and Learning Consultant
Christopher, Tricia 712-380-7768 Leadership and Learning Consultant
Conrad, Michelle 712-346-5009 Audiologist
Frostestad, Emily K 712-346-5013 Speech-Language Pathologist
Lammers, Tiffany 712-346-5017 Special Education Consultant
Mills, Kelly 712-346-5038 Physical Therapist
Mischke, Judy 712-362-7295 x208 Teacher of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing
Mohr, Jean 712-346-5021 School Psychologist
Mulder, Melissa 712-380-7774 Teacher of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing
Peter, Nicole E 712-346-5026 Occupational Therapist
Pralle Osborn, Leslie 515-606-7017 Instructional Technology Consultant
Prentice, Brenda 712-346-5003 Administrative Assistant to the Director of SE
Profit, Amy 712-380-7776 Physical Therapy Assistant
Sandoval, Marta 712-458-7030 Regional Administrator

Agency-wide PLAEA Expertise

Name Phone E-mail Job Title
Ankeny, Linda 712-346-5005 License Renewal Coordinator
Aubrey, Maurita 515 206-7102 Leadership and Learning Consultant
Dowd, Michelle R 515-705-7138 Chief Financial Officer/Board Secretary
Fosseen, Scott 515-705-7139 Systems Engineer
Gade, Deborah 712-335-6032 Communication Specialist
Geisler, Kimberly 712-335-6015 Graphic Artist
Guerin, Carrie 515-705-7148 Licensed Renewal Specialist
Hebert, Brenda 515-705-7141 Payroll/Benefit Specialist
Hebert, Jim 515-705-7142 Maintenance Supervisor
Herzberg, Jeff 712-335-6040 Chief Administrator
Hoch, Tonia 712-335-6057 IMS Coordinator
Johnson, Connie (712) 335-6044 Director of Marketing & Communication
Kehoe, Jason 515-705-7143 Network Engineer
Krischel, Jenifer 712-335-6017 Media Specialist II
Lentsch, Marcie L 515-705-7170 Leadership and Learning Consultant
Sturgeon, Christine 712-335-6004 Supervisor Lending Library & Delivery
Zaugg, Tiffanie 712-335-6056 Assistive Technology Coordinator

District Staff

Name Phone E-mail Job Title
Berkenpas, Mary Teacher of Visually Impaired
Hiemstra, Gregory 712-832-3809 Principal
Irwin, Andy 712-832-3809 Superintendent
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