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Prairie Lakes AEA Staff

Name Phone E-mail Job Title
Offerman, Haley L 515-606-7016 Special Education Consultant
Ohl, Jackie 712-346-5023 Speech-Language Pathologist
Olson, Erin 712-732-2257 x2023 Instructional Technology Consultant
Olson, Kelly 712-346-5024 ECSE Teacher/Consultant
Otis, Lindsey Educational Paraprofessional - Lakes Partnership

District Staff

Name Phone E-mail Job Title
O'Brien, John 515-576-6967 Principal
O'Connor, Diane 515-532-2811 Speech-Language Pathologist
O'Neill, Melode Secretary - LEA
O'Rourke, Casey 712-336-3707 Principal
Oehlertz, Troy 712-841-5000 Principal
Olhausen, Denny 712-662-3259 Principal
Olson, Alex 712-262-4842 Principal
Olson, Dr. Robert 515-532-3423 Superintendent
Olson, Erin 712-283-2571 x5026 Director of Curriculum and Instruction
Orozco, Deb Teacher- Special Education
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