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Prairie Lakes AEA Staff

Name Phone E-mail Job Title
Calendar, Audiology
Calendar, Front Desk
Capesius, Diane 515-705-7114 Speech-Language Pathologist
Carlson, Tracey 712-346-5006 Speech-Language Pathologist
Caron, Lori Communication Paraprofessional
Carr, Heather 712-458-7014 Speech-Language Pathologist
Cassidy, Alicia 515-606-7010 School Social Worker
Champagne, Amy 515-705-7155 Special Education Consultant
Christensen, Erin 712-346-5040 ECSE Teacher/Consultant
Christopher, Tricia 712-380-7768 Leadership and Learning Consultant
Cole, David 712-346-5007 Special Education Consultant
Conell, Chris Communication Paraprofessional
Connors, Polly 712-346-5008 Special Education Consultant
Conover, Shelley 712-458-7015 ECSE Teacher/Consultant
Conrad, Michelle 712-346-5009 Audiologist
Cook, Courtney 712-346-5037 School Emotional Behavior Health Coordinator
Cook, Elaine 712-335-6037 Transition Coordinator
Cooper, Elizabeth 515-705-7157 Teacher of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing

District Staff

Name Phone E-mail Job Title
Cameron, Mike 712-732-8065 Assistant Principal
Campbell, Lynne K 515-386-8188 Leadership and Learning Consultant
Caquelin, Tonya Teacher- Special Education
Carlberg, Kelli Board Secretary
Carlson, Elise Teacher- Special Education
Carlson, Sherry Teacher- Special Education
Carlson, Tracy Teacher- Special Education
Carpenter, Brenda Teacher- Preschool
Carstensen, Janelle Teacher- Special Education
Carter, Joe 5152953528 Superintendent
Cecil, Jared 515-295-7207 Principal
Champlin, Rebecca Teacher- Special Education
Chapman, Lisa Business Manager
Christensen, Erin Teacher- Preschool
Christensen, Jane Secretary - LEA
Christensen, Tim 515-386-4168 Superintendent
Christensen, Tracie 712-852-2892 Principal
Christenson, Frank 712-362-2335 Principal
Christians, Lisa Teacher- Special Education
Christiansen, Kacee Teacher- Preschool
Clancy, Whytne Teacher- Special Education
Claussen-Foster, Rachal Transportation Director
Cole, Dr. Stacey 712-732-8060 Superintendent
Cole, Jennifer Teacher- Librarian
Cole, Sevond 712-275-4267 Principal
Collins, Carol Board Secretary
Collins, Carol 712-841-5000 Board Secretary
Collins, Michelle Teacher- Preschool
Cone, Cindy 712-732-4166
Conley, Becky Teacher- Special Education
Conley, Erica Teacher- Special Education
Connick, Cari Teacher- Special Education
Cooper, Angela Teacher- Special Education
Cooper, Mary Beth Business Manager
Copper, Aubrey Teacher- Special Education
Cordle, Jennifer Teacher- Title I
Crosser, Karin Teacher- Special Education
Crowe, Jan Teacher- Social Studies
Crutcher, Jennifer Teacher- Special Education
Culberson, Josh 515-838-2208 Principal
Cummins, Rodney Custodian
Cunningham, Ryan 712-332-5641 x4101 Director of Curriculum and Instruction
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