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Statewide Registration System Update

Iowa’s nine AEAs and AEA PD Online are collaborating to move our individual professional development/licensure programs to a statewide PD system.  The AEA System plans to partner with Performance Matters (TrueNorthLogic) for its registration system. The AEAs will begin this work this spring, and the anticipated “go-live” timeline for district users will between July 1-August 1, 2017.  Click here for more information. 

Through Prairie Lakes AEA:

  • Professional Development Summer Offerings.  Click here for more information.  Updated 4/18/2017
  • STEM in Context: Agriculture, Conservation and Energy.  Click here for more information.
  • Kirkwood Community College will offer Areas of Concentration for Paraeducators in ESL; and Career and Transition.  Click here to view information for ESL.  Click here to view information for Career and Transition.  Updated 3/30/2017
  • Paraeducator Generalist 1 Certification.  Click here for more informationUpdated 4/18/2017
  • Human Relations course offered with Drake University.  Click here for more information.

BoEE Update

The Iowa Board of Educational Examiners is no longer printing and mailing licenses as of July 1, 2016. Check our website under “search for a license” to view your license or to see if a pending licensure transaction has been processed. Our website version of your license is considered your official license record.

Due to the large volume of requests, transactions take four to six weeks to process. Please do not contact our office to check the status of an application unless it has been longer than six weeks.  

Through our Partners:

  • Drake University Online classes.  Click here to view information.
  • Morningside College.  Click here to view information.
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Resources & Information

PD 360 or PD In Focus - Contact us to request access to video streaming content for professional development.

PLAEA Professional Development Registration form for courses- Click here to download a copy.

How to register online- Click here for information.

Searching for PLAEA classes - Click here to view instructions.

Prairie Lakes AEA 8 Professional Development Cancellation Policy

Paraeducators as Substitutes: Paraeducators that hold a Generalist I Certification AND hold a Substitute Authorization License can substitute teach in the special education classroom to which they are assigned. The special education classroom may be in the elementary, middle, junior high or high school level.

Our mission is to ensure success for all learners through collaborative partnerships.

Professional Development Vision - Quality Professional Development at Prairie Lakes AEA is based on collaborative partnerships that focus on improved learning and achievement for all. By operating as a high-performing learning community, everyone is empowered to solve problems through supportive relationships that challenge thinking in creative ways. We are committed to efficient processes which effectively meet on-going, evolving needs.


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