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School Network Consulting

Problems inevitably come up on your network that exceeds your technical staff's experience.  Upon request we will work with your technical staff to resolve the problem.  We ensure that your technical staff understands the problem and solution so they can correct the problem if it happens again.

Network Planning and Evaluation

Upon request Prairie Lakes AEA will perform a Network Evaluation on your current network and use.  While addressing the districts goals and budget we will make recommendations to ensure the districts infrastructure will support the learning environment.

Proposals on new equipment

After a site review Prairie Lakes AEA can create a proposal including hardware, software, vendors, and price.  Using resources such at the Iowa Educators Consortium (IEC), Iowa AV Coop, and Western States Contracting Alliance (WSCA).  We try to provide the best price possible to the district.

Purchasing Support

If your district is thinking about purchasing additional hardware or software, Prairie Lakes AEA will be happy to discuss your requirements.  Prairie Lakes AEA will assist your district with product selection, pricing, vendor and support options.

Bid Review

Upon request Prairie Lakes AEA will review any bids for computer and network upgrades.  This non-vendor review can help ensure that the solution offered is in the best interest of the district.

Server Installation Assistance

When installing new servers at your district Prairie lakes AEA can assist.  Our engineering staff with over 10 years K12 experience can ensure your new equipment is optimized for student learning.

Interview Assistance

If your district is looking to hire new technology staff Prairie Lakes AEA can help.  We can provide assistance with job descriptions, Help Wanted ads, and interview questions.  Our Systems Engineer can also participate as part of the Interview team to help ensure that the person selected has the technical ability to support the district.

Workstation Configuration Assistance

Frustrated with workstation problems.  Prairie lakes AEA can assist in optimizing workstations for the K12 environment.  Solutions include Imaging, Hard Drive locks, Policies, Profiles, and software setup.

DNS Hosting

Prairie Lakes AEA can host your districts DNS servers at our facility.  We also maintain two additional backup DNS servers located at different locations and connected to different Internet service providers.

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