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Technology Innovation

Our Tech Innovation Team LOVES to work with students, educators, and schools. We are interested in doing amazing work and helping others do the same. 

Julie Graber serves these schools.

Leslie Pralle Osborn serves these schools.

As often as possible, we believe that quality professional learning should…

  • begin with the end in mind and be designed backwards to achieve meaningful, authentic outcomes
  • be relevant to and aligned with the needs of participants, students, and the system as a whole
  • occur in ways that model what is being advocated (e.g., no ‘sit and get’ sessions on inquiry- or problem-based learning!)
  • be goal-driven
  • focus on fewer things learned deeply rather than many things learned shallowly
  • be active, hands-on, and discussion- and practice-oriented
  • be interactive, recognizing that learner talk time is far more important than facilitator talk time
  • be personalized, allowing for different learner paths and outcomes
  • be timely, so that learners can see application and implementation on the near horizon
  • include just-in-time supports
  • live within the zone of optimal challenge for the learner
  • be ongoing, not episodic, and include regular and frequent feedback loops
  • be shared, interconnected, and interdependent (both internally and externally), not something that is done in isolation
  • involve administrators and teacher leaders as participants and/or facilitators
  • hold facilitators accountable through public transparency of evaluation and feedback
  • be FUN!
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