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Spring Progress Monitoring and Instructional Strategies for K.CC.1

Standard: Know number names and the count sequence.  (K.C.C.1)
1. Count to 100 by ones and by tens. (K.CC.1.)

​Progress Monitoring:
Ask  to count starting at 1 record where stops.

Instructional Activities:
Number Talks Activity:

Count Around:  Arrange students in a circle. One child says “one”, the child to the left says, “two”, continue around the circle. Continue until you reach the number 50.  
Choral Counting:  Starting with the number one, have all students in the room count to 50. Teacher may wish to point to the numbers on a hundreds chart or a number line as the students say them aloud.

Kathy Richardson:  Developing Number Concepts:  Book 1
                                Counting, Comparing, and Pattern  Read:  Chapter 1

Van de Walle:  Read the section on:  The Number Core:  Quantity, Counting, and Knowing How Many in the chapter called Developing Early Number Concepts and Number Sense

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