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Fall Progress Monitoring & Instructional Strategies for K.OA.3

Understand addition as putting together and adding to, and understand subtraction as taking apart and taking from.


Decompose numbers less than or equal to 10 into pairs in more than one way, e.g., by using objects or drawings, and record each decomposition by a drawing or equation (K.OA.3)

Progress Monitoring:
Interview the student, using the Quick Image Routine from Number Talks.  Use Strings from Sherry Parrish Number Talks book p.70-73.

Instructional Activities:
Number Talks: Number Sense Routine of Quick Images Using Dot Cards

​Kathy Richardson:  Developing Number Concepts:  Book 1
                             Counting, Comparing, and Pattern  Read:  Chapter 1  1-13 Tell me fast.

​Van de Wall:  In section called Developing Number Sense by Building Number Relationships Spatial Patterns.  

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