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Fall Progress Monitoring & Instructional Strategies for K.OA.5

Ask Standard:
​Fluently add and subtract within 5 (K.OA.5)

Progress Monitoring:
Ask students to solve add/subtraction within 5. 

Instructional Strategies:
Number Talks: Fluency Number Talk Using Rekeureks p. 82-84, Fluency Number Talk Using Five-and Ten-Frames p.89-91, Ways to Make a Number

Kathy Richardson:  Developing Number Concepts Addition and Subtraction Activity 2-1 Snap-It, Activity 3-1 Combing Stacks Pick It Up
Look for activities: Shake five and Spill & Hide the cubes under K.OA.3 - working on Part-Part-Whole

Van de Walle:  Developing Number Sense by Building Relationships Activity Five-Frame Tell About

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