Prairie Lakes Area Education Agency


Hearing Screening

Prairie Lakes AEA audiologists and audiometrists provide individual hearing testing to infants and young children at no cost to the parent. Our hearing staff also provide annual group hearing screenings and travel to area elementary schools to do individual screenings on students.

Hearing screenings, re-screenings and periodic follow-up hearing testing help to determine those children with normal hearing, those who may need further testing to determine hearing status and those with hearing loss. Early detection of hearing loss can ensure that appropriate services and supports are put in place to meet the unique needs of the child.




Itinerant Hearing Teachers
Itinerant hearing teachers are trained professionals who work with children and students who are deaf or hard of hearing. They assess the child's needs, work with the child to communicate (whether it be sign language or verbal), monitor the child's progress and consult with the child's family and teachers on best strategies for working with him/her.

Itinerant hearing teachers work with young children in the home and often continue to work with the child throughout their school career. When a child goes to school, the AEA takes a more active role in helping the school establish educational strategies and modifications to help the child succeed.


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