Prairie Lakes Area Education Agency

SIM/KU Strategies

Prairie Lakes is committed to providing training and follow-up support for teachers, both general education and special education, with evidence-based instructional strategies.  The PLAEA KU Team is committed to offering Learning Strategy trainings from the Strategic Instruction Model developed at the University of Kansas’s Center for Research on Learning.  These Learning Strategies include proven teacher routines such as pretest/posttest data collection and review, direct instruction, teacher modeling of the strategy, and controlled/scaffolded practice for students.  The strategies are designed for students to reach mastery and to use the tools and processes in all content areas in school and for living, learning, and working after high school.

Details for the 2017-2018 scheduled trainings can be accessed at this link. 

PLAEA Team Members include:
David Cole 
Tiffany Lammers 
Julie Meyer
Tammy McKimmey 
Kris Taphorn 

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