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Non Violent Crisis Intervention (CPI)

Non Violent Crisis Intervention (CPI) training is helpful in equipping staff with positive strategies for handling difficult situations.  In these trainings, participants will learn to organize their thinking about how behavior escalates and respond appropriately, as well as gain practical skills for safely managing and preventing difficult behavior with the focus on prevention.  They will learn proven strategies for safely diffusing anxious, hostile, or violent behavior at the earliest possible stage to reduce risk of injury, minimize liability and promote safety, welfare and security.

Prairie Lakes AEA offers two Non Violent Crisis Intervention training (CPI) options:

Brief De-Escalation Training

This three-hour class is taught by the Behavior Staff at Prairie Lakes AEA. It focuses on basic de-escalation and prevention strategies, and is recommended for all staff members including bus drivers, paras, etc. At least 20 participants are needed and no certification is given. There is NO cost for this training. It can be scheduled directly with the PLAEA Behavior Staff who serve your building/district.

Full Non Violent Crisis Intervention (CPI)Training

This eight-hour class is taught by PLAEA CPI certified staff. It offers practical skills and strategies to safely manage disruptive or difficult behavior while balancing the responsibilities of care, including how to safely practice full holds. This training is for a building/district crisis response team of 3-5 staff members and offers full CPI certification.

For additional information, contact Shawna Badenhorst. 

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