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Planning Professional Development

Using the Iowa Professional Development Model for designing research-based  professional development programs, Prairie Lakes AEA staff  will assist your district or organization with the process of planning, aligning resources, and supporting a program of learning for general and special educators.

Professional educators now have the opportunity to earn credits toward their license renewal and, at the same time, focus on improving teaching and learning within their own school. Learning Teams and Classes can be developed to begin and end anytime during the school year or in the summer. Contact the School Improvement Consultant assigned to your district to initiate the process, or contact the Professional Development Office. For a quick start refer to resources below:

Setting up a class or learning team

  • Use the Professional Development Planning Guide to determine the initial need and design of the learning program.
  • When you are ready to create the course syllabus, follow the Guidelines for Developing Your Course as a resource.
  • A Syllabus Writing Guide and is also available for those who prefer a more detailed set of guidelines for developing a course syllabus using the Avatar online learning system.
  • Check out the Developer Resources which provide some technical assistance documents for creating learning goals and rubrics.
  • Due to new federal guidelines for graduate credit, different universities have different criteria that must be met. Please see the guidance to meet that criteria.


Webinars are also available in mini-modules listed below. Click on any topic you want to listen and view more information. Turn on and adjust computer sound levels before initiating a webinar. If you are having technical difficulty, check with the technology specialist in your organization for assistance.


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