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Mandatory & Non-Mandatory Trainings

Online Trainings for Mandatory Reporter of Child and Dependent Adult Abuse and OSHA Compliance Information

Mandatory and non-mandatory trainings can be accessed through clicking here.

If you're a first time user and not registered in the system, you will need to register in the new system. Before you try to register, ask your school secretary for the district password. Once you have that information, click register into the system.

If you've already registered and are in the system, you will need to enter your username and password.

When a current user logs into the system as before and attempts to resume or begin a new training, usually the system will recognize what district the user currently belongs to. However, there might be some instances when it does not. To proceed, you will need to click on “edit your student info”. On this screen, you will see where you can change your AEA and district to the correct information. Once you make the changes, and resume registering for an individual training, the prompt will change to show the district you are currently in.

If you're not currently employed in a school district, please select Pay Customer from the menu on the left once you get to the site.

Once you've submitted, the next page will ask you for your payment information.

There is a $25 charge for educators to complete the Mandatory Reporter training.

Click here for a PDf of online training instructions.

Fee structure for districts

There will be a charge of 50 cents per student (based on certified enrollment) for a district to have access to the other online trainings on the system.

  • This includes many district responsibilities such as the OSHA trainings, the 103b legislation on seclusion/restraint and the medication administration trainings (training in all those areas are required by law for the employer).
  • Since this is a district responsibility, the charge goes to the district and will be invoiced at the beginning of the year. Districts will have their own password for the trainings, which will not work until they have paid.




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