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Video Production & Duplication

Our Video Suite is one more way that Prairie Lakes AEA helps impact student achievement through the use of technology. Ed Zimmerle, Video Production Specialist for PLAEA, works with students and teachers to help them create original media projects from idea stage to completion. Everyone does have a story to tell, and the mission of our Video Suite is to help students and teachers tell their stories using video as a medium of expression.

Students and teachers have the option of shooting and producing their projects at our Video Suite in Pocahontas. This gives budding videographers more exposure to chromakey virtual set technology and professional equipment as well as having Ed available for help and suggestions while in a post-production editing session.

Schools can also hire PLAEA to produce video projects, complete with scripting, shooting and editing. The cost of this varies with the complexity of the project, ranging from a few hundred to several thousand dollars.

Another service our Video Suite offers is copying DVDs and CDs using high-speed duplicating equipment. Our duplicator allows us to print labels directly on the face of the disc for a professional look.  We also transfer VHS and miniDV videotapes to DVD.

Adding background music enhances many productions. Copyright free music available from Soundzabound is found on our website The AEA Lending Library also has a vast selection of copyright free music and sound effect CDs available for checkout, to use on school videos and multimedia presentations. This allows schools to avoid the problems inherent with using copyrighted music on a project.

Contact Ed Zimmerle for assistance.


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